Best Book For SSC CGL Exam 2021

the best book for SSC CGL Exam 2020 So, friends from today you have 5 months and if you do self-study at this time at home and prepare the exams from these books then definitely you can crack the exam with very good marks.
Many people are frustrated by the vacancies that CGL has a low vacancy rate and how we will be selected. But friends you don’t have to be demotivated, if vacancies are less then it is more challenge full for you and you need to do more hard work but this time your selection will be done 100% and you don’t have to be demotivated, do hard work with self-confidence. Because in this article, I will tell you a book and if you do self-study, this time definitely without coaching, without any class you will crack the examination.

Best Books for SSC CGL Readiness 2021

Best Books for English Language:

English Punctuation by Wren and Martin

SSC Joined Alumni Level English Language and Appreciation Level II by Kiran Distribution

Target General Language by SP Bakshi

Force to be reckoned with Made Simple by Typical Lewis

Snappy Learning Target General English by RS Aggarwal and Vikas Aggarwal

English for General Rivalries: from Plinth to Principal (Volume-I) by Neetu Singh/KD Distributions

A Reflection of Normal Blunders by Dr. Ashok Kumar/Scholarly and test distribution

Serious General English by Kiran Prakashan

Best Books for General Insight and Thinking:

Coherent and Logical Thinking by A.K Gupta

Verbal and non-verbal Thinking by R.S Aggarwal

Scientific Thinking by M.K. Pandey

Another Way to deal with Thinking Verbal and Non-Verbal by BS Sijwali and Indu Sijwali

Best Books for Quantitative Fitness:

Rudimentary and Progressed Science by Kiran Prakashan

Advance Maths for General Rivalries by Rakesh Yadav/KD Distributions

Number juggling for General Rivalries by Neetu Singh/KD Distributions

Best Books for General Mindfulness:

Kiran’s SSC General Mindfulness by Kiran Distribution

Manorama Year Book

General Information by Arihant Distributions

General Information by Dr. Paired Karn/Bright

Just you need to make a strategy and prepare from a good book. So, let’s talk about books.
In this exam, a total of 4 subjects is covered. Let’s talk about the first subject which is Quantitative Aptitude.

Before talking about the book, I want to tell you something, you see you have to go through two levels for the CGL exam.
Level first is a basic concept, that you know the basic concept of each subject and it is strong and second level is a practice that how much practice you have had on this subject and how to practice the topic-wise question from within this subject.

So, I will suggest you a book according to your level. What is your preparation level and from which book you need to prepare for the exams?
First of all, we discuss Quantitative Aptitude and if you want your base strong with good practice then it is good for you. For this exam,

the best book is “Fast Track Objective Arithmetic” written by Rajesh Verma. It is an Arihant. I believe it is the best book and if you are a beginner candidate and you are going to take the CGL exam for the first time, I don’t believe better book than this book.
A+ point of this book is that all questions are related to one topic and all questions are level type-wise divided. First easy level question, then more tough and then more and more difficult. All of the questions are from the previous year and solutions are best. This means you don’t have to take any class or online lecture. You can explain your concept by looking at the answer to the question, by looking at the example related to it. This book will also clarify your concept and improve your practice on questions.

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